im sad i don’t wanna go to school

Anonymous said: What about a taurus?

i don’t know any

I’ll never date a Gemini 

Dame Barbara Hepworth, Seated Figure, 1932-1933

i don’t like jessie ware but the song she did w/ dev hynes is good


Eileen Perrier

there’s a little rip in the crotch of the pants i want to wear to school tomorrow, should i wear them anyways? (im gonna get them fixed obv but i wanted to wear them tmrw!!)

idt anyone would notice and they’re black and w/ black underwear i think it’s fine! wdut??

What Joanna Newsom album should i download? i’ve been listening to ‘Ys’ a lot lately. 

when twinks post nudes: “just got a haircut” 


Jacquetta Wheeler at Givenchy S/S 2003

here’s what i’m seeing so far:

i want to add 3 more maybe tomorrow.